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Positive charged ions in the atmosphere are the primary cause of many of the major health problems. 
Ions are floating in the air around us all of the time and have either negativeor positivecharged on them. Changes in their concentrations or in the ratio of positively to negatively charged molecules can have remarkable effects on plants and animals. It is known in science that ion depletion is the source of a wide range of human health problems, both mental and physical. 
It is estimated that there are normally 1,500 to 4,000 ions per cubic centimeter. Negative ions are exceedingly mobile and the Earth's surface has a negative charge; therefore, negative ions are repelled from the Earth. This repulsion creates a normal ratio of positive to negative ions in the range of twelve to ten. Normally, more positive than negative ions exist. 
Negative ions are exceedingly beneficial for a person's metabolism as a means of enhancing human behavior. They act in a complex mechanism to bring about hormone and biochemical reactions in the body and brain. It is impossible to get an overdose of negative ions, which act like pure water in washing away dirty poisons. Generally, the more negative ions you are exposed to, the better and more uplifted you feel. 
Positive ions or the lack of negative ions may cause serotonin hyperfunction syndrome or "irritation syndrome" involves sleeplessness, irritability, tension, migraine, nausea, heart palpitations, hot flashes with sweating or chills, tremor and dizziness. The elderly become depressed, apathetic and extremely fatigued. 


Clear Mountain Air 2,000 2,500 4,500
Normal Land Air 1,500 1,800 3,300
Before a Storm 750 2,500 3,250
After a Storm  2,500 750 3,250
Typical modern office 150 200 350
Closed moving vehicle 50 150 200

Positive ion air encourages increased physical discomforts ranging from headaches and nausea to the familiar rheumatic twinges that precede storms. Even the healing rate of wounds has been know to slow up, while the risk of infection accelerates. Tension and depression are certainly more common.Conversely, negative ion air - when the weather is quite comfortable - not only stimulates morale but actually relieves certain chronic diseases. Experiments with negative ionization have shown marked improvement for sufferers from high blood pressure, asthma, and hay fever. 
During fair weather the atmosphere field causes charged air ions to migrate, producing a flow of current. Humans have evolved outdoors immersed in this electric current, and scientists now believe that the current flow enhances various processes within our body, even to the cellular level. The same appears to be true even on the level of plants. People who work out-of-doors are at a distinct health advantage over those who are deskbound or labor inside factories. 
The human body possesses a positive field, and a coupling or resonance between it and the Earth's field takes place. Such a resonance between systems brings about a transference of energy and perhaps accounts for some of the "charging" effects of being outdoors during fair weather. 
Studies have shown that the natural oscillation frequency of the atmosphere field of seven to ten hertz ( cycles per second) is the same as our brain's alpha state, our most relaxed yet alert state of being. This natural field oscillation, coupling with your own brain waves, enhances your alertness and improves your reaction time. 
On the other hand, the three to five hertz wave produced by weather activity were shown to cause an increased reaction time. Slow reaction time may be dangerous under certain circumstances. This lengthened time that it takes for a driver to respond to an emergency situation, for example, produces a 31 - 41 percent increase in traffic accidents, quite measureable by the National Safely Council. 

When oxygen is resorbed via the lung alveoles, the ionized molecules are taken up like the normal oxygen molecules and pass into the blood corpuscles. The red blood corpuscles, whose hemoglobin is oxygenated by the air during inspiration, receives also the ionized oxygen. The negative charge is carriedthroughout the body, whereas the positive charge may attack the blood platelets ( thrombocytes ) which in sensitive patients release their irritating hormone, serotonin. 
Serotonin release produces dryness, burning and itching of the nose, nasal obstruction, headaches, dry, scratchy throat, difficulty in swallowing, dry lips, dizziness, difficulty in breathing, and itching of the eyes. Negative ions do not produce this unpleasant serotonin syndrome; they act directly on the respiratory enzyme, cytochrome ozidase and promote cell respiration. 
All the tracheal changesattributed to positive air ions can be duplicated by the intravenous injection of serotonin. These effects can be reversed by treatment with negative air ions. 
On the basis of these facts, it seems reasonable to postulate that positive air ions are 'serotonin releasers' and that a local accumulation of serotonin in the trachea is the immediate cause of positive ion effect. 
Negative air ions reverse positive ion effects by speeding up the rate at which serotonin oxidase is oxidized. Like other oxidase systems,monoamine oxidase isthought to consist of dehydrogenase linked to a respiratory chain which may include cytochromes of flavins. Positive ionization of blood increased its serotonin release significantly. 
With every breath, air ions are carried into your respiratory tract to be transferred across the lungs into the bloodstream where they are taken up by the thrombocytes. If they enter as part of molecules of oxygen, the negative ions or positive ions are transported by your red blood cells. Positive ions cause thrombocytes to release the allergy producing hormone serotonin (5-HT). Serotonin acts as a bronchial constricter and slows the clearing action of the cilia thus allowing the mucus to thicken. If you are one of those many hayfever sufferers or have some other respiratory problem you'll find that serotonin greatly aggravates your condition. There is less clearing of allergens and pollutants from your respiratory tract than from the lungs of others. 
It is this powerful and versatile neurohormone, serotonin which is responsible for many of the unpleasant symptoms exhibited by persons breathing positively ionized, air. Some particularly elderly people may experience difficulty in breathing; asthmatics wheeze, rheumatic people feel their joints, and in general, sleeplessness or insomnia, irritability and tension are there for the asking. Hair and skin have an 'electric charge.' Migraine patients suffer with nausea and vomiting, and optical disturbances. Heart cases complain of palpitations, heart pain and oppression. Women before the age of menopause complain of hot flashes with sweats or chills. Hay fever patients get bad attacks of rhinitis with conjunctivitis, though this may not be the real hay fever season. Giddiness, tremor, and balance disturbances may appear, as well as diarrhea and a constant desire to urinate. 
All this happens from stimulation of serotonin secretion by your being exposed to air containing high densities of positive ions. Since negative ions are able to reverse the effects of positive ions by speeding up the rate at which serotonin is oxidized by stimulating the action of monamine oxidase, it makes sense to stay in touch with quanties of negative ions whenever possible. As you will soon learn, this is done by employing negative ion generators and/or the application of negative hydrogen ions in liquid. 
In general, exposure to negatively ionized air has been shown to increase oxygenation of the lungs, vital capacity, and ciliary activity. All types of beneficial responses take place as a result of friendly negative ions. 
With negative ions you will experience a normalization of the activities of the endocrine glands, which plays an important role in reducing the effects of stress. 
A shift occurs in your body's indicators of the blood acid-base balance toward alkalinity. Your pH (power ofhydrogen) should be 7.5 on the 1 to 14 pH scale. Health resides there. 
A sedating and pain relieving effect is experienced if you have undergone surgery or suffered burns. 
Brain wave studies show an increase in brain amplitude with better thinking ability, a shift of alpha activity to the frontal area of the brain for better conceptual ability, and a higher synchronization of the right and left brain hemispheres for a more even balance of the personality. 
Your body undertakes a normalizing of metabolism of vitamins and an increase in both static and dynamic work capacity and endurance. 
If you are a lactating mother you find yourself able to produce more milk of higher quality for your infant. 
global scale, first expressed in illegal behavior and deeds. 
Again, lack of negative ions andexcessive positive ions cause illness. Negative ions can be used to treat illness and improve health.  

Our body systems willnot adequately function without negative ions. Negativeionspromotehealingand good health to the total bodyand areutilized by all body systems 
country air." 
Positive ions are produced by, among other things, friction, including the movement of air over the ground, especially in desert and mountain areas ("witches' winds," such as California's Santa Anas), air over metal (such as a car body), air over air (before a storm), and even between air and the particles swept up and carried by it. 
Negative ions, the so-called "good ions" or "happy ions" because of their effects on mood, energy, libido and sense of well-being, predominate near waterfalls, on mountain tops and at the seashore as well as after storms. Negative ions are what we're after. They can improve sleep, recuperation and all affected areas. 
Researchers from the former Soviet Union have noted that more than 5,000 scientific documents support the concept that high doses of negative ions have positive effects, while the opposite is true with exposure to high doses of positive ions. They were among the first to become convinced of the benefits of negative ion treatment for individuals with various illnesses, especially asthma, bronchitis and upper respiratory problems. 
Ion therapy has also been used extensively in the Middle East - especially Israel - Europe and the Orient. In the U.S. it has been used primarily by holistic health practitioners although ion therapy did enjoy some popularity in the 1960s for the treatment of burn patients. Its greatest use has been in the treatment of the roughly 25% of the population that is "weather sensitive," who without treatment can be very nearly incapacitated when pollutant, and particularly positive ion, levels rise. 
The Soviets published numerous reports indicating that even brief periods of negative ion exposure (15 minutes a day for 25 days for example) resulted in improved responses to training in runners, boxers, swimmers and other athletes. These responses included greater rates of gains in both strength and endurance as well as in improved psychological characteristics, sleep habits and appetite. The greater the level of physical stress, such as from a training overload, the greater the effect the ion treatments seemed to have. This finding agrees with the beliefs of the leading ion researchers worldwide that those who benefit the most include the very young, the old, those most severely stressed and those with compromised immune systems. 
The most exciting new research development in the ion field is the finding at La Trobe University in Melbourne that exposure to negative ions results in significant increases in Immunoglobin A, an important immune factor. It is believed that this effect is mediated by the well documented effects of negative ions on serotonin metabolism. 

Diseases and Conditions treated at our Clinic

Arthritis symptoms, hands, feet, knees, neck, symptoms 
Joint disease. 
High blood pressure
Pulmonary tuberculosis
Peripheral neuritis. diseases of the peripheral nervous system
Stress symptoms
Negative ions can help kill bacteria and viruses.
 Mental instability, psychosis, mania, rage, clouded thinking with 
Pulmonary emphysema
Pneumonia, laryngitis
Dry hacking cough
Respiratory illness
Allergies / hay fever
Depression, suicidal thoughts, psychosis, mania
Nausea, general malaise         
Road rage, anger, shooting rage