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Your Health Program includes:

Pre-arrival preparation registered staff will gather all available data concerning your intentions and will discuss with you (by phone ,fax , e-mail) your intentions and goals..

Complete Physical Examination with your Delta Medical physician including head-to-toe assessment, dental status ,hearing, vision.

Computerized EKG Test

The latest tests, including oxidative stress assessment, inflammatory markers, comprehensive lipid analysis, insulin sensitivity and microalbumin testing, in addition to the usual complete chemistry profile of major organ systems.

Consultation with a nutritionist try to improve your diet.
Consultation with an exercise physiologist full assessment of your fitness, cardiometabolic status and skeletal health. Take home an exercise prescription!

Session with a behaviorist using specific techniques learn to use body and mind to regulate your response to stress.

At length discussions with your physician an in-depth discussion and a take-home plan.

Lifestyle Prescription take home your health profile, including personal data, test results, medical interpretations and recommendations.

All gratuities no additional tipping is required or expected

Complementary health care is now readily available to the majority of the population and is much sought after as people become more proactive in their life-style choices. Increasing numbers of people are now beginning to embrace a more natural approach to their health care and are expressing a need to be more involved with looking after themselves. This way is not exclusive and can be combined with other forms of medicine. In addition to receiving complementary health care within the format of a professional consultation, there are some very simple home-care procedures, which can be applied to daily life. This traditional approach reinforces the belief that each person is an expert and co-ordinates their own health care. Nutritional advice, Massage and Relaxation techniques can be applied to treat a wide range of health disorders. In addition, this approach can be used in self-help programmes tailored to match individual need, life-style and personality. Problems that can be addressed include stress related disorders, menopausal problems, pre-menstrual syndrome, weight problems, migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, fluid retention and arthritis, to name but a few.
The workshops on offer include Massage, Aromatherapy, Nutritional advice and Hydrotherapy. The self-help aspect promotes an increased awareness of health and also gives a non-invasive, practical and economical alternative to treat some common disorders. Each health care programme could include a combination of the following elements